SEO Mistake for a Sports Betting Website

Whether you run a Sports Betting Website as an Affiliate or brand there are several basic SEO tips many seem to forget. In this guide we will walk you thorough the very basics so that your site has the fundmzantelas of SEO in order to better perform in the rankings.

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Slug & Site Structure Bottleneck – Technical SEO

The very common mistakes that many Sport Betting brand has today is just a fundemtal Site structure in terms of how you determine the SLUG or the name of the URL

Let’s get practical and give you an idea.

If we check William Hill in Sweden for example.

https:// /sv/ sports /filter/ football

Ask any SEO specialist in iGaming – there are several bottlenecks here that we would avoid benefits there are no benefits in terms of SEO. Not even from a User Experience basis. Maybe only technical for their Online Sportbook to easily filter amongst different sports to bet on.

Let's break down this down in 2 parts. The obvious errors in terms of Technical SEO below

1. /sv/ 

This is obviously not needed because they already provided an accurate CCLTD = .se
.se is the most common TLD used in Sweden – only WPML would automatically suggest .sv, but any Swedish company uses .se as you can tell easily form a Google search.

Why haven’t they fixed a simple technical SEO issue like this? We’ll imagine the headache of having to re-direct all links and traffic to a completely new URL? The more you wait the bigger the problem gets…

The solution?

Redirect all URLS and restructure the URL to

2. https:// /sv/ sports /filter/ football 

Here we got 3 errors which if you ask any Swede, they did not propel translate any of the keywords within the slug. This is not likable and will obviously reflect the ranking

Sports = Sport (in Swedish)
Football = Fotboll (could easily be mislead with Football (which is aa British word for American football)

Why should you really care about these small details?

In a highly competitive landscape such as Betting and Casino, all the smallest tweaks and changes could make a huge impact for how a Sports Betting website perform in terms of their SEO

Let’s check another competitor whom might be ranking better on similar search queries related to – betting on soccer.

Check the competitor – whom is ranking #1 –

Their URL structure or slug might be too simple – but they have a domain name which is very helpful for Google to undertand what their site is all about

“Sport” = which indeed is the word Sport in Swedish too, and their URL is properly translated to Fotboll – not the English word “football” which in the UK is Soccer.

Just a side note – 888sport is ranking top 3 and William Hill is below their rankings on similar queries. So sure it would make a difference for William Hill to correct basics mistakes such as these.

The ultimate solution for William Hill in this case?


Easy right? Nah. Not really. A major headache for such a big company. Lost in translation? Yes seems like it..

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